Nutrition Bars for Active Kids


Summer is filled with activities for the kids and the whole family. During this extra active period we always stock up our pantry with snacks that will give them enough nutrients to sustain them in all the extra activities. While I was looking over some cereal bars in the grocery, there was a couple who couldn’t decide on what to get for their child who is headed to a summer sports camp. They were discussing granola bars and energy bars for kids as if they were having a steroid or progene review. Since we all want what’s best for our kids here’s a closer look at nutrition bars.

Granola Bars, Cereal bars, protein bars, diet bars and energy bars have their own claim of health benefit and nutritional value. Granola bars are usually made with oats, honey, raisin and nuts which are packed with nutrients.  However, there are also granola bars that are laced with fat and sugar that make them more similar to a candy bar than a healthy snack bar.  Cereal bars can’t beat the nutrients of your classic cereal and fruits in a bowl of mile but if you are on the go and in need of a quick fix then these cereal bars can do the trick.  Look for low fat and whole grain cereal bars for a healthier choice.

Athletes prefer protein bars as they are advertised to help build and repair tissues in the muscles. They also have higher protein content and are generally more nutritious than other nutrition bars. Another athlete preference is the energy bar.  Energy bars are normally high in calories, carbohydrates and proteins. Some energy bars contain additional ingredients like caffeine, herbs, vitamins and other supplements. Diet bars are used to aid weight loss by replacing meals. They are mostly made up of carbohydrates, vitamins, protein and minerals.

In conclusion, cereal bars, granola bars and protein bars are generally good for snacking and even qualify for a healthy snack in their basic forms. Additional flavors and sweeteners decrease their health values. Energy bars and diet bars are recommended for adults or older kids.  The young ones should get their nutrition for sports or weight loss requirements from natural sources.


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