Bravo for Conti’s Mango Bravo

I had an early Mother’s Day treat from one of my students who gave me a regular Mango Bravo cake from Conti’s pastry shop early this week. This cake may be labeled as regular but there is nothing regular about it. It is approximately half a foot tall of wafer layers, whipped cream icing, fresh mangoes and chocolate syrup, a grand treat for moms like me who have a sweet tooth.

mango bravo

My little ones loved it too when they first had a taste of it about a year ago so they were more excited that me when it came to serving the cake. The tots enjoyed licking the cake icing off their spoons and picking out the fresh mangoes in it, while I love to eat them all together with the wafer. The contrast in the texture of the crisp wafers, the light creamy icing and the softness and smoothness of the mangoes creates a lovely sensation in your mouth as you eat it. Match the textures with the fusion of the fruity sweetness of mango, sugary sweetness of the icing and the bittersweet taste of chocolate drizzle, and you won’t have second thoughts about asking for seconds.

 My little boy finished his share in record time and asked for another helping without batting an eyelash. The chef who is responsible for the Mango Bravo recipe certainly did a great job in pleasing the palate of me and my tots as well as those of the other fans of the cake.

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